Beyond boundaries: Empowering Women through Inclusivity & Allyship in the Workplace

Thursday 14/03 at 17:00 CET


Join us to unlock the secrets to breaking through glass ceilings and self-advocacy, explore the power of allyship in fostering diversity, and dive into strategies to shape an inclusive and supportive organizational culture.

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1 hour to learn and take action

Empowering Women

1. Understand key topics: Glass Ceiling, Self-Advocacy, and the role of Allyship

Women empowering in the workplace - event

2. Discover challenges that different groups can face in the workplace

Event - Women in the workplace

3. Learn practical strategies to implement in your workplace, fostering an inclusive and safer environment


To achieve a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world we must achieve gender equality first.

To take action, we must understand the issue first

Gender inequality persists in our daily lives, and acts as a barrier to social progress. Discover how to identify it in your workplace and take proactive steps against it.

Did you know that…

At the current pace, it will take 286 years to eliminate legal protection gaps and discriminatory laws, and 140 years to achieve gender parity in workplace leadership?

Become part of the solution

In 1 hour, subject experts share best practices to make the professional world more inclusive.

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Archita Fritz

Archita Fritz

Fractional Marketing Executive, Podcast Host/Producer and Non-
Profit CMO

Award-winning global marketeer. She has built successful marketing strategies for startups & Fortune 500
companies, always emphasizing equitable workplaces.

Michel Selvas

Michel Selvas

CSR expert at Vendredi

In charge of the creation of our content to help businesses address the major social and environmental challenges of our time!

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