Breast Cancer : Let's talk about it!

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October 14th, 09:30 CEST

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Come and get a better understanding about breast cancer: Breast self-examinations, risks and myths, medical insights and a breast cancer survivor story.

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1 hour to raise awareness

Join us to better understand breast cancer and discover how, with early detection, we can help save lives.

1. Learn what breast cancer is, and its risks and myths

2. Learn how to do your Breast Self-Examinations (Early detection saves lives!)

3. Discover the inspiring story of a breast cancer survivor


1 hour to be part of the solution!

Breast cancer awareness is essential

Early detection is key! Women whose breast cancer is detected at an early stage have more than 90% or higher survival rates.

It is the most common cancer globally

It's most likely that we all know someone that has been affected by breast cancer. Fortunately, we can all do something to fight it!

An expert on the subject to explain it all

To get a better understanding on the subject, the risks, myths, and medical insights.

logo Breast Cancer Foundation

This webinar, online and completely FREE, will be held by Vendredi and the Breast Cancer Foundation. The BCF advocates for the early detection of breast cancer and supports the breast cancer community in Singapore.

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Awareness on breast cancer is extremely important!

Understanding the risks of breast cancer, the key preventive measures, and ways to raise awareness among those around you can help save lives!

Did you know...?

It is the world’s most common cancer!

14 seconds

Every 14 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with cancer somewhere in the world.

Early detection is key!

9 in 10 women

In 2020, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer and, 685 000 died from it. However, almost nine in ten of women survive breast cancer if detected early.

Fighting against breast cancer is to fight against inequality as well!


Almost ¾ of global breast cancer deaths happened in low- and middle-income countries, where women are less likely to survive due to different barriers.

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