Let's measure our carbon footprint together!

28th of September at 10:00 CEST


Join the fight against climate change by joining our virtual challenge to calculate your carbon footprint and get valuable insights you can implement in your daily life to reduce your impact on climate.

Take climate action
Mesurer son empreinte carbone - le challenge de Vendredi

1 hour to take real action

Looking for easy and simple ways to make high-impact, achievable steps to reduce your carbon footprint and get others to do the same? Join our virtual challenge !

Inégalités des genres

1. Learn everything about carbon footprint and the goal of “2 tonnes of CO2e”  by 2050.

Mesure ton empreinte carbone

2. Measure your carbon footprint with the help of the powerful tool of 2tonnes

Votre culture d'entreprise engagée se renforce avec Vendredi

3. Discover the simple, immediate, and impactful actions you can take to reduce it


It's now or never

The need for action on climate change is urgent

We all need to start to take practical action in our own lives and reduce our carbon emissions NOW. Join us and see how you can take climate action !

An opportunity to engage with friends & colleagues

Trying to understand the key issues of climate change and how to act all alone is complicated. Let's do it together !

Go further, faster, & together for climate action

By working all together we will be able to create real impact. So, share the event with as many people as possible.

Logo 2tonnes

This challenge (online and free) is organized with 2tonnes.

Participer au challenge de Vendredi à l'occasion du mois des fiertés

3500 people have already participated!

During the two first editions of this challenge, more than 3500 people joined us to measure their carbon footprint.

Thank you for the presentation! Very informative and a great takeaway. There is work to be done to reach the 2-ton goal.


Challenge empreinte carbone de Vendredi - témoignage Mina

I didn’t know that red meat had such a negative climate impact. I didn't expect this... I will reduce my consumption!


Challenge empreinte carbone de Vendredi - témoignage Kevin

Great event, fun, and insightful: now I know what I can do to reduce my carbon footprint.


Témoignage Denis

I didn't know what to expect... it was quite a surprise to see that my carbon footprint was so high! Thanks for the explanation.


Témoignage Nadia

Come and join us !

It's the 28th of septembre. It's free and full of impact.

Knowing your carbon footprint changes everything!

Knowing your carbon footprint means being able to know where and how to act effectively and make a real impact!

Did you know ?

"Reducing my meat and chicken consumption won’t change anything..."

Challenge empreinte carbone - pourquoi participer à cet événement de Vendredi (chiffre 1)

FALSE ! By reducing your consumption of animal protein by half, you can cut your diet's carbon footprint by more than 40%

"I love shopping and I don’t think my shopping habits have any negative consequences..."

Challenge empreinte carbone - pourquoi participer à cet événement de Vendredi (chiffre 2)

FALSE ! Pollution, carbon emissions, waste... The fashion industry has huge social and environmental issues. It is considered to be one of the largest polluters globally!

"I don’t understand why I should give up flying or flying less."

Challenge empreinte carbone - pourquoi participer à cet événement de Vendredi (chiffre 3)

Did you know that a normal transatlantic round-trip flight can release around 1.6 tonnes of CO2 ? That’s almost as much as the average yearly emissions of one person in India!

Want to create even more impact?

The more the better

It is always better to act all together. Don’t hesitate to invite your colleagues, friends & even your family to participate in our event.

Support a nonprofit

Discover with Vendredi all the different actions you can take to support our partner nonprofits on different social and environmental causes.